Who We Are

IEHIO’s purpose is to connect people with data by coordinating  data sharing services not only for treatment at the point of care, but to also address the psycho-social determinants of health to support whole person care efforts that improves the health of all residents in the Inland Empire.

IEHIO is a non-profit organization supporting interoperability for healthcare and the community.

Manifest MXManifest MedEx is partnered with Inland Empire Health Information Organization to provide a health information system that connects healthcare throughout California. It’s a non-profit utility that gets health information out of silos. Its network facilitates the secure exchange of real-time information on millions of patients across California.  Click here to learn more.

Community Resource Platform

This platform is called Inland Empire (IE) Care Connect. Click here to learn more. It consists of Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), Inland Empire Health Information Organization (IEHIO), Inland Empire United Way/San Bernardino County 2-1-1 (IEUW), and Desert Healthcare District (DHCD) working in collaboration to provide a web-based search engine called Connect IE. IEHP, IEHIO, IEUW, and DHCD are all committed to making human services program information more accessible to health care providers for their patients. Connect IE is an easy-to-use web-based software which houses validated information provided by community-based organizations.  It is a broad, crowd-sourced human service database containing well organized, accessible program information.  In addition, it’s a comprehensive environment to those in need and provide self-sufficiency.  The goal of this project is to build more efficient paths to connect people looking for help and organizations that provide help.

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Population Health Tool

This tool will be available to IEHP providers. It will capture data across all patient populations including IEHP and non-IEHP members for support of practices in managing gaps in care, preventive health screenings, disease monitoring, and high health care utilization in their patient population. It will provide connectivity to the Health Information Exchange and data will be sent to the dbMotion platform which is also managed by the Health Information Organization (HIO). The population health tool is available to all patients.

dbMotion Electronic Medical Record (EMR) workflow Integration

This is a platform used to establish a technical infrastructure that enables bi-directional sharing of IEHP member data and health plan functionality. This exchange of data is between IEHP, IEHP’s provider networks and hospitals.


This is a specialty care electronic consultation; asynchronous with specialty results which are returned to primary care within 72 hours to assist with patient management and appropriate referrals to specialties. Phase I includes both public hospitals (Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, Riverside University Health System) and six IEHP provider sites. E-consult workflow is applied to all patients in the primary care sites, not only IEHP patients.

Our Partners

Inland Empire Health Plan
Riverside County Medical Association
San Bernardino County Medical Society