Manifest MedEx

Manifest MedEx is a nonprofit statewide health information network and designated CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) serving all of California. Manifest MedEx offers MX Notify and MX Access through its platform. MX Notify allows the HIE participant to receive real-time hospital admit, discharge, and transfer (ADT) information of their patients. MX Access allows the HIE participant to view detailed longitudinal health records of their patients, including recent encounters, allergies, medications, lab results, vaccination status, COVID status, and more.

Visit www.manifestmedex.org/for-providers/ for more information.

Joining Manifest MedEx is simple. Complete an MX-IEHIO Participation Agreement and submit it to info@iehio.org. Navigate to Provider Resources page and select Sign Up for Manifest MedEx for additional information.

Currently (as of 2024), MX does not charge any subscription fees for participants.

Participating physicians and medical groups do not pay subscription fees to MX.

However, MX reserves the right to implement fees for physician practices and/or medical groups upon sixty (60) days’ written notice.

Schedule an appointment with IEHIO here for a Manifest MedEx Demo.

To check if your organization is already participating with Manifest MedEx, you can search for your organization on the MX Website: Participants – Manifest Medex or by emailing your organization name and inquiry to info@iehio.org.

To check if your organization is sharing CCDAs with Manifest MedEx, please contact your MX Customer Success Account Manager. If you do not know who this is, you can email this question to info@iehio.org and we will connect you with them.

To check if your organization is meeting the P4P MX Connectivity Measure, first ensure you have completed an MX-IEHIO Participation Agreement and established data connection between your EMR and MX.

If you have, refer to your IEHP Provider Portal P4P Interim Report and check if you are marked as MET for HIE Connectivity.

If you are marked as NOT MET, send this question to info@iehio.org.

For additional staff training on Manifest MedEx tools, please email your Customer Success Account Manager or email customersuccess@manifestmedex.org.

IEHIO also hosts Manifest MedEx workshops for MX users. A list of upcoming workshops can be found here.


ConnectIE can be accessed by going to ConnectIE.org, entering your need in the first search bar, entering your zipcode in the second search bar, and clicking ‘Search’.

You can also fill out a Personal Needs Assessment to receive recommended programs based on your personal situation. Or you can fill out our ConnectIE Self Enrollment form so that a navigator at one of our partners (IEHP, 211, Moreno Valley Physicians Associates, Symba Center, etc.) can help you navigate your referrals to social resources.

ConnectIE is completely FREE and available to the public. 

You do not have to be an IEHP member to use ConnectIE. IEHP will not have access to your ConnectIE information unless you have consented into the Community Information Network.


You can learn more about ConnectIE on ConnectIE’s About Us page or by navigating through its Community tab.

Your office can receive training for ConnectIE by booking a demonstration or training here.

If you would prefer an in-person training session or a training session in Spanish, please let us know by e-mailing info@iehio.org.

ConnectIE supplies will be provided to your organization at no charge after every ConnectIE demo or training. 

If you would like a refill of supplies, you can request supplies using this form. Supplies will be provided free of charge. Supplies are estimated to be delivered within 1 to 2 business weeks.

To request a ConnectIE search box for your website, please fill out this form.

ConnectIE’s Community Information Network (CIN) is a network of contracted organizations that allows for person-based searching among the closed network. Within the network, authorized persons who are navigating on behalf of a community member can access the referral history of such members even if those referrals were placed by another authorized person in the network. 

This makes the process of closing referral loops easier and helps to address an individual’s social determinants of health by providing their social needs history to better understand the efficacy of such referrals.

To learn more if the CIN is right for your practice, you can book a CIN discussion with us here.

Currently, IEHIO, IEHP, 211, Moreno Valley Physicians Associates, and Symba Center are full participants in the Community Information Network.


More practices use a version of the CIN in a closed network and other practices are in the process of onboarding onto the CIN.

In order for an individual to be enrolled into the CIN, the individual must provide consent to have their information stored by findhelp and for their information to be shared among the CIN network.

Each organization in the network controls the authorization levels of its users and can only access data originating from their organization or data from the CIN according to consent structures.

IEHIO is the only organization with full data access. Personal information is not sold or shared outside of the CIN.

A certain number of CIN licenses were pre-funded by IEHP to incentivize participation in the CIN. Additional integrations are subject to fees. Please contact us at info@iehio.org to discuss eligibility and an estimated cost, if any.

The first step to joining the CIN is to discuss your organization’s goals and eligibility during a CIN discussion with our Administrative Director. To book this discussion, please click here or e-mail us at info@iehio.org.

During this discussion, we will go in-depth as to what the CIN is and does, what your organization’s goals are, what your organization’s current workflows are, and what next steps would be most appropriate for your organization.

Data Exchange Framework

Assembly Bill 133 (codified in Health and Safety Code § 130290) required the California
Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS), in consultation with stakeholders and local partners, to
establish a Data Exchange Framework (DxF) to govern and require the exchange of health information among health care entities and government agencies in California.


It’s an agreement across health and human services systems and providers to share information
safely. That means every health care provider can access the information they need to treat you
quickly and safely; health care, behavioral health, and social services agencies can connect to each
other to deliver what Californians need to be healthy; and our public health system can better assess how to address the needs of all communities.


The purpose of the DxF is to promote secure electronic health data exchange among health
care providers, consumers of health care, and government agencies, social service programs, and others.


To comply with the DxF, the first step is to sign the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). After signing the DSA, your organization must sign on to join a Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) and share data.


Learn more about the DxF on its website.

The DSA can be signed through this portal. 

If you need assistance with signing the DSA, you can book an appointment with us here. If you would like a written copy of DSA signing instructions, please e-mail us at info@iehio.org.

Click here to check the most recent DSA Signatory list published by the Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII).

IEHIO can assist your practice with signing the DSA, onboarding onto Manifest MedEx (a QHIO), and providing post-onboarding support to your practice in the form of workshops, facilitating communication, training, and concerns, and finding answers to all of your health information sharing questions.

For assistance signing the DSA, you can book with us here.

To onboard onto Manifest MedEx, please visit this page.

To register for an upcoming workshop, view our upcoming events here.

For all other inquiries, please e-mail us at info@iehio.org.

In order to participate in IEHIO’s Coalition, your organization must participate in Manifest MedEx. If you onboard to Manifest MedEx with IEHIO, your inclusion in the Coalition will be automatic. If you onboarded to Manifest Medex through other means, please get in touch with us by e-mailing us at info@iehio.org if you would like to be included in our Coalition updates and events notifications.

To view a list of our current IEHIO Coalition members, visit here.

To view more information about joining our Coalition, visit here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@iehio.org. We are proud to support providers in the Inland Empire in their quest to provide whole person care to their patients.